Welcome back!

We can’t believe it’s September again already. However we are rested from our vacations and raring to go!

Ben’s summer vacations included Puigcerda, Ibiza, and the south of France. Obviously in Puigcerda our favourite pooch Freddie lived his best life in the rivers and eating some delicious meat (don’t worry, Ben got some as well). There was also lots of hiking, reading and watching movies in Puigcerda and thankfully a bit more nightlife in Ibiza.

Adri travelled around Spain and Portugal. He enjoyed his time in a campervan, relaxing, playing his guitar and having a few beers. Unfortunately he also thought he was stronger than a big wave and broke his shoulder, but don’t worry, he’s on the mend now.

We also have lots of exciting new developments for this year. Not only our new website (hopefully you’ve noticed as you’re reading this blog on it!), we’ve also launched our online Eureka Laboratory which will have lots of information about phrasal verbs, idioms, exam tips for the First and Advanced exams and grammar revision – all for free!

We’ve also introduced an exciting new type of English class – Learn With Friends. This group allows you and your friends to have a private group to learn together. We already have a group running and the feedback is brilliant.

We will also be launching our monthly newsletter soon, which will have a mini-lesson and lots of useful vocabulary every month. Don’t forget to Get in Touch to receive it.

We are also going to be introducing new classes in the next few months and we will keep you up-to-date with those soon.

Anyway, that’s our brief catch-up, so how have you been?

Team Eureka


Key Language

Raring to go – expression. To be ready and excited to start something.

Pooch – noun. Informal name for a dog.

To be on the mend – idiom / expression. To be getting better after an illness or injury

Feedback – noun. People’s thoughts and opinions on something, typically a new idea.

Catch-up – noun/phrasal verb. To get up-to-date with information or news.

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