Adults A2

Our Pre-intermediate course will teach you how to have basic conversations and to share basic information. The course includes:

  • Basic English Grammar about the past, present and future
  • Vocabulary about yourself, your everyday life, work, family
  • Basic writing such as asking for information at a hotel
  • Speaking such as at a restaurant or introducing yourself
  • Listening to help you understand things such as directions and prohibitions
  • Reading basic instructions and website information

We use textbooks, worksheets, Kahoots, Quizlets and some basic, authentic native materials.

This course is face-to-face, but If you prefer to learn online, get in touch.


1T - 2/11 – 21/12
2T – 8/1 – 21/3
3T – 2/4 – 13/6
Nº of hrs
Evenings – 2h/week (54h total)
Evenings - Thurs 18:30-20:30
Base price
Evenings - 11,00 €/h
What’s included?
All materials (photocopies, workbook)
Access to EurekaLab
Evenings - 5/6
Level test
Contact us

Price table for the 2023/2024 academic year

Course 1T 2T 3T Monthly
Evenings 155,00€ 220,00€ 220,00€ 75,00€

VAT included.

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